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Business Description
Stonehenge Designs is a design studio based in Gurgaon, India. We are a team of architects and designers with a passion to design, create and execute complete design assignments starting from inception in terms of logo of the brand, the graphic elements, the associated accessories and then interweaving it with the space design while ensuring that everything is aligned to a single concept/story for the clients and the end user. In the last ten years we have executed a multiple variety of projects including residences, spas, clinics, salons and offices. The designers at Stonehenge Designs believe that it is crucial to achieve utility along with aesthetics in every design, be it a brand building activity or space design. They strongly believe that every design they implement, should communicate the thought behind the design to the admirer. Stonehenge Designs comprises of a team of young and dynamic professionals from various walks of life and a strong team of skilled workers and supervisors to carry out onsite work with the maximum quality and care.

Service Description
Design consultation:
This is the initial stage of any engagement. We take up projects right from the beginning, where the client has the initial thought in the mind and we refine it to fit into his needs and criteria. We detail out these ideas and thoughts and convert them into working drawings and three dimensional views which bring out our concept on paper. The look and feel, finishes and color schemes of the place are also discussed in detail.
We specialise in interweaving the brand identity with the space design where we take up the brand right from scratch, give it an identity with its logo and communication design and use it to design our space as well.

Turnkey Solution:

This is a solution where we quote a fee which takes care of our design consultation and execution of the project. We charge a design consultation and then quote a sum for the execution of the design. Here the client does not deal with the vendors or contractors and we take up the responsibility to deliver the project within the designated time and amount.

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Year of Incorporation

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Blue Frog - Rooftop Restaurant design
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Oriental senses - a Thai spa design
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office design of PRP Professional edge
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Central Park 1 apartment design
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Office design for Blue River Capital
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An apartment in Pinnacle
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Office design - Just Taxes
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Contact : vimi rath

Location : Gurgaon, India

Type : Architects, Furniture and Accessories, Interior Designers and Decorators

Address : 801/ tower 17 vipul greens, sohna road

Phone : 9811174880 (haryana)

Website :

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