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Business Description
Studio Purple Cow (SPC) is a multi-disciplinary Architectural and Design firm offering services ranging from feasibility studies to design/customization options to installation/production options. It has established itself as a firm that is committed to the highest standards of professionalism and client satisfaction by providing personalized services. We at SPC ensure that not only are our designs of exceptional quality but are also appropriate for our client’s objectives, budgets and time-scale. We are a one-stop design shop that caters to any and all of your design needs. We take time to understand your vision, and take care of all the practicalities required to innovate and translate that vision into tangible reality, assisting wherever possible, by bringing in our own technical expertise and creative experience.

Service Description
Architectural Design Consultancy | Interior Design Consultancy | Design - Build Firm | Industrial Design and Customization

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Club Oxygen
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Pop-Up Restaurant
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Hotel Doda Palace - Conference Hall
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Contact : sajil ray

Location : Jaipur, India

Type : Architects, Building Designers and Drafters, Design Build Firms, General Contractors, Interior Designers and Decorators

Address : 23-24, Gulmohar Lane Hanuman Nagar Sirsi Road

Phone : 9001004411

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