About Homado

About Homado

We have felt the pain. The pain of spending your hard-earned money behind getting your dream house/office space/commercial property designed the way you want it. It all looks great on paper. But when it come to reality - Realty is no joke!

Vikash Chowdhury, one of the founders of Homado was building his dream home. A 2 bedroom-hall-kitchen typical Indian home. The big problem - How do I find a good interior designer - dependable - modern - matches his taste ? Solution: Call up friends - Ask for references - Get 3 references - Shortlist one - Start work - Repent ! Finding a dependable interior designer has always been a problem (specially in India). A google search would give you not more than 20 designers whose portfolio would have not more than 10 photos and you would have no way to judge who is better than the other. 

But Vikash still went ahead with one of the referred designers and built his house. And he has assured the world that he will never - ever - ever refer that designer to anybody ever. (Not even his enemies). The designer messed up. Later Vikash and his wife took it upon himself to build their home. But a bigger question troubled his mind. Why should he let others suffer the same ordeal ?

So he got together with his friend Anupam Sinhal and build Homado.

Homado.com is a marketplace for interior designers to showcase their portfolio, expertise, ideas so that prospective renovators and builders can view/shortlist/select the designers on the basis of the work that they have done already. Now the home or office renovator would not require to ask his friends or family for references. Logon - View - Select - Contact - Simple!

Its a community of designers. One place. All of them. 

Happy designing,

Anupam Sinhal